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Conference Sub-themes

Join us in Toronto for our Critical Decolonizing Dialogue, November 2023

'Speaking Out and Speaking Up' in Fugitive Spaces

We welcome submissions from a wide array of sub-themes related to Fascism Resurgence, Logics of Dehumanization and Anti-Colonial Praxis. We encourage the representation of voices and experiences from around the world. Sub-themes include:

  • Anti-Black Social World

  • Africanness and Blackness: Convergences and Synergies

  • Africology and Critical Afrocentric Perspectives in Education

  • Anti-Asianness - Resurgences and Resistance

  • Anti-Colonial Educational Praxis

  • Anti-Muslimism, Islamophobia, Imperialism, and Militarism

  • Biodiversity, Sustainability and the Capitalization of Nature

  • Blackness, Anti-Blackness and Settler Colonialism

  • Black and Indigenous Futurisms

  • Cartographies of Indigeneity

  • Critical Conversations on the Invisibility of Complicity and Compliance

  • Decolonial Blackness and Blackcentricity

  • Decolonizing Borders and Occupation of Lands

  • Fascism, White-Supremacy and White Nationalism


  • Gender and Feminisms

  • Global Capitalism, Conflict and the Land

  • Global Social Movements and Anti-Colonial Solidarities

  • Human Movement, Forced Migration, Exploitation and Resistance

  • Indigenous knowledge systems for Living Well on the Land

  • Indigenous Resurgence, Resistance and New Possibilities

  • Labour and Work

  • Language, Race, Policy, and Education

  • Language, Stories, and Memory-Making

  • Media and Climate Justice

  • Mothering, Other-mothering and Spiritualities of Land

  • Politics of Dehumanization

  • Queering the Land

  • Race, Disability and Land

  • Race, Education and the Academy

  • Race, Environment and Health

  • Race, Gender and Body Conquest

  • Race, Indigeneity and Settler Colonization

  • Race, Policing and the Justice System

  • Racisms and White Supremacist Logics

  • Sustainable Economies and Food Sovereignty for Living Well on the Land

  • The Anthropocene and the Racialization of Resources

  • The Nation State, Citizenship and International Development

  • Two Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Agender, Allies (2SLGBTQIAA)

  • Water, Life and Communities

  • White Nationalism and the Resurgence of Anti-Semitism

  • Youth Resistances and Activist Politics

Photo By _ Hamed Daram_edited_edited_edi
Photo By _ Hamed Daram_edited_edited_edi
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